Prayer Requests

Hey friends! Obviously, prayer works. It's the reason I'm still alive today. Please join me in prayer on the following things. I've learned that the more specific I get with God, the more specific He gets with me. 
  • That God would provide the money to make my truck payment, get insurance, pay my cell phone bill, get Ziva cared for, and an apartment to live/work from during the winter months. Specifically, I'm asking him for $10,000 by November 1st.

  • An Airstream or RV of some kind. I continue to be called to more places, and it'd be a game changer to have a place to sleep everywhere I go. 

  • Clear direction and clarity on where to go after Texas. That God would open church doors, speaking engagements, and more opportunities.

  • If it's His will, that He will provide a way for me to get back to Charlotte for the Holidays. I miss my friends. 

  • Safety. He has obviously been looking out for me, and I pray that He continues to protect me from harm.

  • A steadfast spirit to resist temptation. Specifically, sexual temptation. I want so badly to have a woman by my side, but I have to be guarded in that area. Every time I enter a spirit of lust, it separates me from God, and that's an awful feeling.

Those are the major ones for now!!! Please spread the word about this mission, and feel free to help in ways I may not have considered! Much love. -Zack
***Here are the links to my PayPal and GoFundMe accounts. Everything helps!!!